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Fleetwatch Online - GPS Tracking systems

Our units tell you when your vehicle wants service,
reduce fuel costs, reduce maintenance costs,
and reduce labor/overtime/ costs and increase productivity.

All, for less than $30.00 per month.

Call us to login and see the nationally recognized software by Network Fleet.

Lower Operating Costs

Reduce fuel costs:

Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage by verifying start and stop locations

Monitor Speeding - lowering speed
to 65 mph is proven to save 10% in fuel costs

Reduce idle time by 30-50% by
educating drivers on the costs

Monitor and compare MPG and idle time for all vehicles in order to
identify outliers

Reduce maintenance expenses:

Schedule regular maintenance using automatic odometer readings

Prevent expensive repairs by receiving automatic e-mail notification of any Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) at the
time of occurence

Maintain a complete online service
history including recall notices

Lower insurance costs:

Use Networkfleet reports to document safe driving behavior and fewer miles traveled

Reduce accident risks with improved vehicle maintenance and safe drivers

Use stolen vehicle recovery to apply for anti-theft discounts

Track high value cargo to reduce cargo insurance

Increase Productivity

Improve labor efficiency:

Reduce overtime hours by verifying time sheet entries

Reduce regular hours by improving productivity

Eliminate wasted time looking for
misplaced vehicles

Eliminate the need to check
timecards manually

Optimize vehicle routing:

Review and analyze routes traveled in order to shorten paths taken

Analyze driving patterns and
historical location history

Streamline work shifts by choosing
routes that optimize workers’ schedules

Use time saved to perform more
jobs each day and increase revenue

Improve customer service:

Display landmarks to quickly locate
the closest driver to a customer

Monitor length of stay at each
customer location to ensure

Increase the number of customers

Promote GPS tracking and improved customer response to generate more business

Improve Vehicle Utilization

Reduce total number of vehicles:

Monitor when vehicles start/stop and routing to determine if every vehicle is needed

Track exact MPG, maintenance and idle time to eliminate older, more costly vehicles

Through proactive maintenance, keep vehicles running longer and improve resale value

Eliminate unauthorized usage:

Monitor after hours vehicle usage to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear

Use geofences to monitor vehicle movement in and out of restricted areas

View vehicle activity and history reports to improve utilization

Eliminate unnecessary or unauthorized stops

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

Continuously monitor idle time and fuel consumption per vehicle to reduce emissions

Uncover faulty emissions systems and comply with government regulations

In California, eliminate physical smog checks, saving time and money

Promote your “Green Fleet” to customers in order to generate more business

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